Roof Top Grid / Off Grid

Energy efficient solar systems that converts solar energy in to usable power that can be directly fed into the EB grid. Thanks to the Net-Meter it deducts the power generated through solar on your EB bills and helps you save upto 90% of your energy bills yearly.

power plant

Power Plants

These are large scale solar grid tie or off grid systems above 20kW up to 10MW custom designed for larger power needs or for setting up private power plants that generate and sell electric power to the local power company.

water solar

Watering Systems

Stand alone solar system stores the harvested solar energy in battery packs and makes it available for irrigating home gardens and agricultural areas at present time and interval by using solenoid valves or solar pumps. Keeps our house and office full of greens and flowers without having to worry about watering them daily or while going on a vacation.

solar lighting

Lighting System & Pumps

Stand alone solar system stores the harvested solar energy in tall tubular batteries and makes it available for electrifying street light, home lighting, garden lighting etc.,

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Customer Care

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