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Unlike other heaters Cascade Seasonz can pre-start and keep hot water ready on the specified time. It intelligently decides when to start and when to Off – in case the available temperature is low it ON’s earlier and cuts off 2 minutes before set time and vice versa. So it also helps heating in the night time during power cuts – so no worry on power issues, the hot water stays hotter with best in class insulation

Dual Core Heating

Seasonz heats much faster than normal heaters – supported by two heating source it can wake up to immediate delivery within no time.

sea-01 5 variable Heating Modes Standard Mode, Summer mode, Winter mode, Timer Mode, Auto Repeat Mode
sea-02 One Key temperature setting
sea-03 "Simple keys" cordless remote
sea-04 Dual Core Heating
sea-05 Dual timer setting for morning and evening sepatately
sea-06 Heats only one time on timer mode (on stand by for next timer cycle)
sea-07 Auto Repeat
sea-08 The indicators change colour as per temprature
sea-09 State Of Art Turquoise Diamond Enamel Coated Tank
sea-10 Smart Fault Detection System ( Error indicator)
Season Setting : You need hot water less hotter in summer and more hotter in winter? You can just set this option with a single key.
Advantage Cascade


Model Capacity Mode Wattage Max Pressure Mounting Lenth Breadth Height
Seasonz 20 Ltr Digital 5000 8 bar Horizontal 670 405 395
Seasonz 30 Ltr Digital 5000 8 bar Horizontal 718 344 365

In-Out plumbing – 1/2″ BSPP

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