These are large scale solar grid tie or off grid systems above 20kW up to 10MW custom designed for larger power needs or for setting up private power plants that generate and sell electric power to the local power company.

  • String or central inverter configuration
  • Manual tracking facility on support structures
  • Optional – State of art German make solar panels
  • Superior wiring and distribution
  • Better return on investment less than 5 years 13% to 22% per annum
  • Tax benefits for Industrial and commercial installations
solar-pv-1 30years performance warranty on our German branded panels and 25 years performance warranty on Indian panels both with bypass diodes and superior cabling and junction box.
solar-pv-2 CASCADE Grid tie inverters have 5years product warranty which can be upgraded at the end of 5th year for up to 15 years at a small upgradation cost.
solar-pv-3 IP-65 Rating on all parts. Cascade is designed to withstand wind, sand and rain it works just fine.
solar-pv-4 Built in Wi-Fi – it shows you how much power has been generated even in your mobile phone.
solar-pv-5 MPPT/Pure Sine Wave CASCADE range of smart inverters know how best to harvest the solar energy from the panels and feed the grid with quality pure sine wave A.C.Power.
solar-pv-6 XPLE / XPLO insulated and sheathed. UV resistant German branded solar cables and wire enclosed distribution boxes.
solar-pv-7 With our manual tracking you produce 5 to 10% more energy by just making the panels more available to the sun.
solar-pv-8 High voltage, low voltage or power cut – Cascade Inverter knows how to handle it.
solar-pv-9 All solar systems will be separately earthed to protect the system from lighting and other surges.
solar-pv-10 Bank loans, Govt subsidies, accelerated depreciation, exemptions and tax holiday etc., for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

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