Stand alone solar system stores the harvested solar energy in tall tubular batteries and makes it available for electrifying street light, home lighting, garden lighting etc.,

  • Custom made solutions and light enclosure.
  • Independent and centralised configuration
  • Superior wiring and distribution
  • Comes with German or Indian make Solar panels
  • Cascade designed MPPT charge controller & Timers
  • High lumen, high efficiency LED light or hybrid source
  • IP-65rating on all components
solar-pv-1 30years performance warranty on our German branded panels and 25 years performance warranty on Indian panels both with bypass diodes and superior cabling and junction box.
solar-pv-2 CASCADE Grid tie inverters have 5years product warranty which can be upgraded at the end of 5th year for up to 15 years at a small upgradation cost.
solar-pv-3 IP-65 Rating on all parts. Cascade is designed to withstand wind, sand and rain it works just fine.
solar-pv-4 Built in Wi-Fi – it shows you how much power has been generated even in your mobile phone.
solar-pv-5 MPPT/Pure Sine Wave CASCADE range of smart inverters know how best to harvest the solar energy from the panels and feed the grid with quality pure sine wave A.C.Power.
solar-pv-6 XPLE / XPLO insulated and sheathed. UV resistant German branded solar cables and wire enclosed distribution boxes.
solar-pv-7 With our manual tracking you produce 5 to 10% more energy by just making the panels more available to the sun.
solar-pv-8 High voltage, low voltage or power cut – Cascade Inverter knows how to handle it.
solar-pv-9 All solar systems will be separately earthed to protect the system from lighting and other surges.
solar-pv-10 Bank loans, Govt subsidies, accelerated depreciation, exemptions and tax holiday etc., for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

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