An expertise in the Stainless Steel fabrication industry for more than 60 years, Cascade was the first to introduce the Stainless Steel Water Heater in India. Ever since its inception, Cascade has been the most envied product in India are made of stainless steel tank.

What began 40 year ago as a utility gadget is today a symbol of beauty and elegance in the bathroom. Cascade’s innovative outlook evolved this dull and drab product into a gadget of style and possession.

  • IHEAT 2 provides instant hot water. No pre-heating hence no stand-by heating loss – saves energy.
  • Micro-computer control patent heating technology. Water is completely separated from electricity by multilayers of composite nano insulation material.
  • When the outlet water temp. reaches over 60ºC, the appliance will enter into pause mode automatically to avoid getting scalded and the screen beeps and displays E1. IHeat2 will start to work automatically while temp. drops to 55ºC.
  • ELCB. If the unit detects electricity leakage, the electricity will be cut off by the ELCB protector and the screen displays E2.
  • Malfunction sensor, when there is malfunction with the temperature sensor, the heater stops working and displays E3.
  • Direct temperature setting, automatically thermostatic cut-off, the hot water temperature sensor stops working and displays E3.
  • Dry-heating thermal cut-off.When the heating chamber temperature is over 90ºC, the electricity will be cut off.
  • Micro-computer – Automatic electricity and water consumption calculating function.
Advantage Cascade

Model Power in Watts Ampered Recommended
Conductor Ziae
L x B x H
IHEAT 2 6500 22 – 25 2.5 mm2 32 32 210 x 70 x 290
EVO 5500 22 – 25 2.5 mm2 32 32 230 x 63 x 370
8500 35 – 39 6.0 mm2 40 40 230 x 63 x 370
11000 45 – 50 10.0 mm2 63 63 230 x 63 x 370

In-Out connections:1/2” BSPP – Maximum pressure 6 bar – 220 – 240 V AC

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