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Successful performance of any solar water heater depends primarily on the quality of water and site condition, hence the right choice of model is of paramount importance. Here we would like to help you understand the basics and guide you to the right model and capacity.

Water Quality is ascertained by two issues namely hard water “deposits” and “acidic” nature. Cascade provides you free check up facility for checking water hardness – just call!

The required capacity can be ascertained by the following table, however always keep provision for additional capacity in case of usage of hot water in the evening.

Family Size 4 5 8 10 12 15 20
Maximum number of outlets 2 3 4 5 6 7 10
Capacity Recommended 100 125 200 250 300 375 500
Maximum length of hot-water line possible – in meters – without insulation 10 15 20 25 30 35 50

It must be understood that the capacity mentioned in solar water heater is only the net output per day (Ltrs Per Day ).

The normal function of a solar system is that it gets heated in the daylight and keeps the water hot in the tank for the next days use. If the hot water is drawn on the same day of charging, water may not be hot the next day. For domestic system a minimum of 3/4 hours is required to heat the entire capacity, and hence if water is to be drawn for evening usage the solar water heater must be planned for a higher capacity.

In Wall Mixtures, the hot water tends to mix with cold water. In a standard wall mixture it is standard practice to keep the cold and hot water valve open and the control is done on the lever which stops the out flow.In all such wall mixtures that does not have a non-return valve, the hot and cold water line is open, and whenever the cold line is opened else where in the house, hot water is drawn in the pipeline and the entire hot water is wasted during day and night resulting in no hot water in the morning use. It is advised to keep the hot and cold water valve individually closed or to install a wall mixture with a non-return valve.

Optimum result can be achieved if the hot water line is as minimum as possible and the panel is cleaned every week

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