Cascade Duojack Solar water heater are recommended for areas with hard water above 200 ppm to avoid scale formation in the collectors. Normal water that has very low PPM is used as heat transfer liquid in the solar collectors which transfers heat to storage tank.

Life of the system is enhanced in areas, prone with hard water. These systems are suitable for feed water with PPM above 200 and up to 1900.

Unique features:

stainless All Stainless Steel tank and support stand – unique to Cascade.
tank-cleaaning During operation solar water heater develops very high temperature
and develops deposits in the tank, this reduces circulation and directly
affects the hot water output over the years. Cascade’s tank opening option
helps to easily remove deposits.
double Double jacket tank improves compatibility of the system
with very hard water up to 1900 PPM
medical Medical grade stainless steel provides hassle free long life
hotter-faster Cascade’s most efficient solar collectors and system design
delivers temperature 5 Deg hotter – Unique to Cascade
max-drop Just 1 Deg C drop till the last Ltr. Cascade’s Surge Management
Internal Circulation Design ensures hot water output at the same
temperature till 90% of output and varies only 1 Deg from the last 10% output.
concealed Shock proof – as all electrical parts are built inside the
tank and are not exposed to rain as in other solar heaters
energy-saving Provision for electrical heater is placed in middle of the
tank and hence only partial capacity is heated up for back up.
This saves huge energy – Unique to Cascade
free-insualtion Hot water is used mostly in winter when sunlight is rare and solar heater
runs on electrical back up. In normal situation the hottest water
remains in the vent pipe and due to cold weather the temperature
is wasted during night. Cascade provides free insulation for vent
pipes so that energy is saved – means extra savings.
service-network Cascade has one of India’s largest network of company owned
service centers spread across the country.
warranty 5 Years Warranty on storage tank – glass panel excluded.
Warranty on all electrical parts 2 years.
made-india Made in India, Made by CASCADE
  • PUF insulation provides good heat retention and shorter heating time.
  • Low profile design – does not disturb your architectural elevation
  • Payback within 1 year and 9 months.
  • Available in capacities 100, 200, 300, and 500 LPD.

How to calculate your required model & capacity

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