Cascade specializes in manufacturing customized solar solutions for all types of fluid heating needs such as Calorifiers, boilers, dryers, dehumidifiers, steamer, pasteurizers, solar desalination units, swimming pool heaters, energy regenerators etc with Stainless Steel Tanks for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial application. We design & install any capacities in single / multiple systems / or in combination.

How to opt for a customized solar solution
“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” Did you know that more that 60% of energy usage in the world is spent on heating? So if you have any process that involves heating and if you wish to fuel this process with solar energy then CASCADE can provide you with a sure solution that can help you save a lot of money that is being spent on non renewable energy sources. So if you have need or if you just have an idea to convert any process to be fuelled by solar reach us by clicking on the contact us tab on this page.

Some of our solutions

  • Calorifiers for ships and luxury boats using engine coolant oil as source of energy
  • Calorifiers for high volume industrial hot water needs and process heaters
  • A solar solution to warm milk throughout the day at tea and coffee stalls
  • Solar solutions to dry tea leafs and spices
  • Water heating solutions that involve usage of residual heat from chimneys to heat water for bathing purposes
  • High temperature solar heaters to fuel online hotel boilers to save up to 70% on LPG consumption
  • Compact swimming pools heated with solar collectors and hybrid systems with electric power
  • Solar distillation plants to provide clean water in remote hospitals
  • Solar arrangement for textile loom conditioning plants
  • Solar hotplates in hotels to replace gas stove etc


  • 3D design with equipment on site for all customized projects.
  • Thermal analysis for optimized solar thermal charging and utilization
  • Custom build and programmable electronics to suit purpose
  • Thermal Insulation – Polyurethane Foam with stainless steel cladding for a more aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Cascade makes all tanks in Stainless Steel and in suitable grade for any water quality
  • The Primary heater can be designed to suit available power and reheating time required
  • Immersion Heaters – Calorifier are supplied upto any Wattage fitted with flanges and in banks
  • Semi Return design – To ensure protection from dry-heating
  • Optional Inspection Openings – allowing access for inspection and cleaning
  • Gauges, safety valves etc. – A wide range of gauges and valves are available on request
  • Inlet / Outlet connections in any standards. Can be provided with flanges or in threading
  • Lifting Lugs can be provided if required
  • Optional wall mounting vertical / horizontal designs for capacities upto 200 LtrsCapacities

Ranging from 10 Ltrs to 100,000 Ltrs or more.

How to calculate your required model & capacity

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